Chatham...It's Where You Want To Be.


Chatham is a special blend of the past and present with quaint streets lined with historic sea captains' homes, a fine selection of historic museums, and a walking downtown area with unique shops, galleries, and restaurants.

Lodging options range from a spectacular oceanfront resort to lovely bed & breakfast inns tucked in throughout this picturesque seaside village. 

Rich in its maritime heritage, as well as a spirited New England town with a variety of small businesses, Chatham is a special place for year-round residents and visitors alike.  We hope you find our town as special as we do, and that you will return many times in the future to enjoy the beauty of this wonderful seaside village and all that it has to offer!


Photo by DenisTangneyJr/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by DenisTangneyJr/iStock / Getty Images


 The Chatham Merchants Association, a branch of the Chamber of Commerce, is an active group of retailers and other business managers who direct certain special events in Chatham. 

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Among the key accomplishments of the Merchants Association are December’s Christmas by the Sea and Christmas Stroll, Easter Egg Hunt, Art in the Park, Pumpkin People in the Park, Oktoberfest.

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